Bottle Share

We are so excited to be partnering with our friends at Pre for the food portion of our event - our first ever Bottle Share on Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

Pre is providing their all-natural non-GMO grass-fed humanely raised beef burgers/sliders for the ladies of Barley’s Angels Chicago to enjoy in their delightful tasting space at 308 W Erie - Suite 200. We’ll have veggie burgers for our vegetarian ladies and veggie-friendly handmade side dishes. Come hungry!

And thirsty! It’s time to bust out those bottles from your cellar!

How the bottle share works:

Everyone brings a bottle/bomber/crowler (16-32oz) to share. It’s all about tasting rare and unique beers and the social aspect is extra fun! Pour what you bring for everyone, taste lots of different styles and vintages of craft beers, all while getting to know your fellow Barley’s Angels.


  • Make sure that the beer you bring is already COLD (or at an appropriate drinking temperature for the style) - there’s nothing worse than waiting for a beer to cool down during a bootle share!
  • Bring something fun! Hoarding a small vertical? Have a bottle of Dark Lord or Cantillon gathering dust on a shelf? This is the perfect opportunity to open it and share with other beer lovers! Don’t have a cellar? No worries! Bring something that excites you, even if you haven’t had it before!
  • Get ready to talk to everyone! You’ll open the beer you bring and pour it for others, which is the perfect conversation starter (makes it easy for introverts!)

Tasting glasses and rinse water will be provided.

Tickets are only $16 (all for the food!) since we’re providing our own beer (that’s the fun of the bottle share!)

Never been to one? Here are some excellent bottle share guides:


I have to bring my own beer?

Yes! That’s the fun of a bottle share! You’ll get to taste a variety of rare and aged brews, and share your favorite beer with fellow ladies who will appreciate it! Everyone brings beer to share - it’s all about the social aspect of craft beer.

Can I bring my homebrew?

Please do! Want to show off your brewing skills? Definitely bring your homebrew! Just make sure to label it clearly.

Can I bring a 12oz can or bottle?

Yes, but maybe bring more than one, or if what you have is super rare, bring another 12 oz of something else.

Can I bring a growler?

Sure! The more beer, the merrier!

I don’t know what to bring…

Totally fine! Go to a local bottle shop (think Beer On The Wall, Bitter Pops, Bottles and Cans, Beermiscuous) and talk to a staff member about what beer styles you like and what you should bring to a bottle share. They’ll point you in the right direction! Try to stick to 16-32oz total.